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Wealth goes beyond money...





Wealth is how you invest and accumulate your time and your money and transform them into relationships and experiences that matter to you. 

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What is Wealth?

We define Wealth as maximizing Money, Experiences, Relationships, and Time - realizing that there are trade-offs among the four.  We offer the ability to guide you in maximizing your wealth by creating awareness in the four areas where you have control of your money

Behavior:   The biggest threat to your portfolio is your behavior.  We can reduce that threat.


Expenses:  The average active mutual fund expense, according to an April 2018 Morningstar report is 0.71%.  Our portfolio expense ranges from .05% to 0.25% - at least 64% lower.


Risk:  There is the risk you need, the risk you are willing to take, and there are risks worth taking. We help you navigate this complex, dynamic topic with simple, unique solutions by looking at your complete risk spectrum

Taxes:  The tax code was created by the wealthy for the wealthy.  It is unnecessarily complex.  If opportunities exist, we can capitalize in creating the greatest possible tax efficiency over your lifetime.

Finally, we focus on the essential deployment of this money to an investment and financial plan that will enable your experiences and relationships that matter on your time.  You have unique goals and deserve to be treated uniquely.


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Our Focus:  Your Wealth through Advice and Allocation

What We Do, How We Invest, and How We Work With You

Investing without a financial plan is like building without a blueprint. 


We DISCOVER your unique definition of wealth.  We DESIGN an understandable, achievable plan.  Then we DELIVER on what needs to be done with your household's financial needs. 


The average investment advisor has 165 clients according to a 2011 study.  Another study showed that the top firms in the country had, on average, 521 clients.  Imagine if your child was in a class with 521 students.  Probably not the experience you are looking for.  Our DISCOVER-DESIGN-DELIVER model focuses on your personal needs, not a one-size-fits-all approach.  To do that, we limit our household clients to 64 and we are approaching that number.  

  • We offer Risk-Based Portfolio Construction that focused on the right investment, in the right account, and the right time.  Your portfolio is about direction, not perfection.  It is about a response to a purpose and a purposeful arrangement of parts - parts that are modular, flexible, and add value.  It brings discipline and stronger design when these parts work together

  • We think and act long-term, while recognizing life is lived today.  To do this, we balance a strategic framework with a tactical component so we can remain committed to the plan when markets misbehave

  • We maintain a common sense approach that examines relative and absolute value through your lens of defined risk

  • We diagnose and prescribe a course of action that is right for you as "life happens".  We need to focus not on what we fear, but what can kill us

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Why Us?  What is the Difference?

1107 Kingham Drive

Midlothian VA 23114

Tel: 804-317-0268

Meet J.C. Corrigan

How I got here:  Imagine it is 2002 after multiple years of 20% declines in your portfolio and you see your mutual fund has awarded you with some major capital gains.  Combine that with my grandfather's banking influence and entrepreneurial spirit, and that led me down this path.

Favorite part of the job:  All the conversations that deal with wealth that don't deal with money.  When I see people talk faster or lean forward, I know how much it means to them.  I am yet to walk into a house where people have pictures of their money - it's always at places they love with people they love.

What else should you know?  I'm an RIA and a fiduciary and I am a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER.  I graduated from Penn State with a degree in Nuclear Engineering and I have an MBA from Old Dominion University.  I go to Saint Edward the Confessor Catholic Church.  I spent 9 years in the U.S. Navy as a Mission Commander of the P-3C Orion aircraft and went to 19 countries.  I spent time in Corporate America at General Electric and Capital One.

When I'm not working:  If I'm not on my two mile daily swim, you will find me with my wife, Patty, and children Nathan and Shannon.  That usually involves skiing, baseball, soccer, hiking, a trip to an orchard, or at a local brewery with friends over a game of bocci or cornhole.  Patty is a Board Certified Oncology Pharmacist.  Nothing makes me smile like when Nathan is on the mound or when Shannon is leading her Tae Kwon Do class.  We also like to travel - Colorado, Costa Rica, and Belize have been some of our neatest trips.

You can reach me at jc at myfinancialstrategies dot com or call (804)317-0268.


Personal Financial Experiences  LLC is a registered investment adviser and, as such, its activities are subject to the regulatory authority of various federal and state agencies. As a part of our compliance with the regulatory structure, the firm maintains a Privacy Policy, Proxy Policy and a Code of Ethics for its officers, employees and independent contractors.

Privacy Policy
As a registered investment adviser, Personal Financial Experiences, LLC (“Advisor”) has adopted policies and procedures to protect the nonpublic personal information of its natural person clients and customers, defined as including any nonpublic personally identifiable financial information and any list, description or grouping of customers derived from such information. Nonpublic personally identifiable financial information is defined as including personal financial and account information, information relating to services performed for or transactions entered into on behalf of clients, advice provided by Advisor, and data and analyses derived from such information.
Advisor does not share any nonpublic personal information with any nonaffiliated third parties, except in the following circumstances: (a) as necessary to provide services the client has requested or authorized, or to maintain and service the client’s account; (b) as required by regulatory authorities or law enforcement officials having jurisdiction over Advisor, or as otherwise required by applicable law; and (c) to the extent reasonably necessary to prevent fraud and unauthorized transactions.


Advisor restricts access to nonpublic personal information to those employees who need to know such information to provide services to its clients. Employees of Advisor are permitted to disclose nonpublic personal information only to such other employees who need to have access to such information to deliver our services to the client. Employees of Advisor are prohibited from disclosing nonpublic personal information to any person or entity outside Advisor, during or subsequent to their employment with Advisor.

Notice of the Advisor privacy policy is provided to each client at the inception of the relationship and at least annually thereafter. Each client will receive notice of any material change to the privacy policy.

If you have any questions about this or other policies of Personal Financial Experiences LLC, please contact us at - ADV disclosures forms available upon request

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